Altium Designer

Altium Designer is the electronic design software gives you an unmatched ability to design PCB and build the next generation of electronic products.

We asked our own engineers how they would describe Altium Designer. OK, they’re biased, but one phrase that cut through was “electronics design software, but not as you know it”. We thought that was a good starting point. There’s plenty that stands out about Altium Designer. It looks and feels different when viewed for the first time, and there’s a reason. Its unified structure brings together every element of the design process into one application. So look out for Schematic Capture, Mixed-Signal Simulation, Rules-Driven PCB Layout and Routing that we think goes beyond “advanced”, 3D Mechanical Integration and Constraint Checking, Intuitive FPGA Design (no HDL or specialist skills required), Embedded Software Design, 100,000+ components, IP Libraries that you can actually use, tons of Reference Designs, and Enterprise Library Management. These capabilities aren’t spread across multiple applications struggling to stay linked together like dinghies in a squall. They are all in Altium Designer. Altium Designer also solves design and release integrity challenges, never addressed before without killing innovation and creativity. It gives electronics designers and engineers mastery of all trades, bringing together all the necessary electronics design data needed for a project. This breaks down the barriers between each step of the design process - synchronizing design domains (SCH, PCB, FPGA, embedded) and providing collaboration capabilities that outclass any alternative. Oh, and we make Altium Designer as affordable as possible.

Altium Designer is a powerful yet easy to use system development platform for FPGA, PCB and embedded software development built on uniqum layeed platform architecture.

image PCB design
Altium unifies the process of board-level design by providing a single application environment for capturing design data, verifying the performance of the circuit, and designing the PCB. The single system and single model of the design data redefines the way you can work by enabling real-time design synchronization, single-point data management and smooth design collaboration with all domains. Learn More

image FPGA design
Today these devices have sufficient capacity to implement more than just some of the hardware in a product – they can be programmed to implement an entire digital system, including the processor, peripheral components and the interface logic. To do this the engineer needs a design environment that solves the system integration issues – where they can capture the hardware design, write the embedded software for the processor, and implement, test and debug both the hardware and software on the target FPGA. Learn More

image 3D PCB layout environment
Today's designs demand tools that make it easier to view your designs - some things are just easier to see and jump out at you when you see the real thing! Taking advantage of DirectX capabilities, PCB Visualization brings powerful new capabilities that allow you to customize and configure your design view for both 2D and 3D displays so that you can inspect and edit objects such as pads, via barrels, tented vias both on the surface and internally from a 3D perspective. Learn More

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