SolidWorks IDF Modeler

The SolidWorks IDF Modeler allows you to create a SolidWorks Assembly of a Printed Circuit Board via IDF files

It also allows you to create IDF files from a SolidWorks Assembly. This allows a faster and more accurate alternative to using DXF to transfer data between ECAD and MCAD systems.
This allows you to finish projects faster by providing clearer communication between electronics and mechanical designers and reducing errors.

Key Features:
Bi-directional IDF translator for SolidWorks
Option to create an Assembly or Board Outline part only
Part filtering by Height, Designator or Part name
Hole filtering by type and size
Option to Update the Assembly from changes in the IDF files
Uses SolidWorks parts if available or auto-creates parts from IDF data
Supports Altium, Mentor, Cadence, ORCAD, PADS, PCAD, Protel
A cost competitive alternative to buying SolidWorks Premium to get CircuitWorks
Allows modeling of copper and silk screens for Altium and PADS users


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