Altium Modeler for SolidWorks

This product allows Altium users to create a SolidWorks assembly directly from Altium Designer.

You can then place this assembly into its product assembly to allow checks for errors such as mechanical interference or provide input for thermal simulation. Changes can be made in SolidWorks and be automatically updated in Altium Designer and vice versa.


Key Features:

• Creates a SolidWorks assembly using “native” SolidWorks Parts with features
• Provides an alternative to using an assembly created from a PCB saved as a Step file.
• All commands can be invoked from a Panel in the Altium PCB Editor
• Supports complex PCB’s including cut-outs, keep-outs, height rules, holes and hole plating
• Has multi-layer option
• Fully bi-directional
    • Changes made in SolidWorks are automatically updated in the PCB
    • Updates the SolidWorks assembly with changes made in the PCB (preserving Mates)
• Avoids the need to create a new SolidWorks assembly for each PCB design change
• Automatically creates parts from Bodies and Step models embedded in Altium PCB components
• Models copper and Silk Screens in SolidWorks
• Allows use of parts with configurations and parts built as Assemblies
• Create a SolidWorks BOM from parameters defined in the Altium Schematic
• Supports Altium Designer Variants by creating a Configuration for each Variant
• Available for all recent Altium and SolidWorks versions

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